Substance use can have significantly damaging effects on an entire family. Family counseling can help address affected relationships, help in changing family dynamics and interactions that are contributing or supporting maladaptive behavior, and provide better understanding on how to better support someone struggling with substance use. Families are often the front lines in battling substance use problems and can be one of the most significant resources in affecting change and preventing relapse. Family counseling may include parents, siblings, children, relatives, or others relevant to the psychological health of one’s family. Bringing health and wellness to a family is often as important, if not more, than working with just one person individually. Our symptoms and troubles are often alleviated more quickly and meaningfully when addressed in relation to those around us. At Chrysalis, we understand the nature and power of families. We strive to help them build on their strengths, improve and balance relationships, to help each person grow and attain health and improvement in their lives.