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Sometimes, even small changes can be difficult to make.

Break free from barriers and work toward sustainable, meaningful change with Chrysalis Health. Our highly qualified and trained therapists, counselors, physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals work with individuals of all ages and walks of life to reorient focus, develop meaningful relationships, and provide comprehensive care. It’s time to take the first step.

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What does mental illness look like?

Young and old, mild to severe, there is no one face to mental illness. Symptoms are often as diverse as those they affect. At Chrysalis Health, we develop individualized treatment programs to fit everyone's unique needs.

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We are all treated with such respect and humanity. You remember every clients name. It makes me feel so welcome and important.
Miami, FL
Chrysalis provided me with a safe environment which allowed me to be open and honest about my emotional and mental health issues.
PSR Client
My experience with Chrysalis Health was excellent. My grandson was receiving services ever since 3rd grade. He was successful during the first time he was with the company.
Outpatient Client
Since I started, I’ve been getting better. Nakhary has been helping me understand my emotions and how to control them.
Outpatient Client
I am writing you to tell you how much I appreciate Ms. Tesha Noldon and how much of a wonderful person she is. She is a very focused Case Manager and helped me when no one else would.
Outpatient Client
I just want to say that Christian is very thoughtful and straightforward. It’s like he’s uniquely qualified for our child and we definitely want to credit him for the progress made with our child and as a family with his assistance.
Outpatient Client Parent
Chrysalis provided me with a safe environment which allowed me to be open and honest about my emotional and mental health issues.
IOP Client

Online therapy is easier than going to an office or having a therapist come to your house, in my opinion. I feel more comfortable than having someone that is somewhat of a stranger in my home.

Telehealth Client
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