It is our fundamental belief that everyone is deserving and capable of achieving health, happiness, productivity, and personal wellness goals.

We strive to provide a culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity. Our approach to diversity is simple: It's about embracing everyone.


It is our mission to ensure our clients achieve optimal levels of wellbeing through the provision of compassionate, innovative and effective behavioral and mental health services.


It is our vision to be a recognized leader in the promotion and provision of state-of-the-art behavioral health and wellness services in an environment that fosters compassionate care, clinical excellence, innovation, personal and professional growth, workplace satisfaction, and responsible and sustainable business practices.


Compassion is at the heart of everything we do. We care deeply about our clients, our staff, our company, our community, and our partners, and are driven by a great desire to enhance the wellbeing of each individual we meet. We strive to interact with everyone in a respectful, caring, empathetic, and understanding manner.

We are committed to utilizing the best treatment practices in our profession. To this end, we ensure all staff receives extensive training and supervision in the use of evidence based and best practice models of therapeutic treatment. We recognize our leaders in clinical excellence through our fidelity and quality review process and ensure our leaders an opportunity for company recognition and growth. We capitalize on technology to measure and enhance performance.

Client Wellness – We understand that client wellness goes beyond the behavioral health needs of the individuals we serve. Health and wellbeing are achieved only when all aspects of one’s life is considered. Chrysalis Health has adopted SAMHSA’s (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) Eight Dimensions of Wellness as our guide to client wellbeing. Together with our clients we create and follow a treatment plan that includes emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual health goals.

Colleague Wellness – At Chrysalis Health, colleague wellness exists when our employees (i) experience a satisfying, creative, fun, caring, and rewarding workplace, (ii) are provided with opportunities for recognition as well as for personal and professional growth and (iii) achieve work-life balance. The primary responsibility of our leaders is to nurture the wellbeing of our employees. Our leaders do so by (i) collaborating with our employees to create and regularly review personal and professional vision plans, (ii) providing abundant opportunities for supervision, training and growth, and (iii) being a supportive mentor and professional role model. In addition, Chrysalis Health hosts health fairs and wellness workshops on topics including meditation practices, yoga, financial health, physical health, nutrition, and more.

Company Wellness – Chrysalis Health defines company wellness as (i) having strong and efficient business practices supported by comprehensive policies, (ii) operating within a solid strategic plan, (iii) recruiting, nurturing and growing professional talent, (iv) financial diversification and stability (v) visionary, innovative, flexible, and responsive to changes in the marketplace, (vi) high level of expertise in our leadership team, (vii) an environment that promotes the continuous refinement of our practices through the use of technology, internal and external analysis and quality improvement activities, (viii) creative marketing and branding practices, (ix) planned and systemic growth, and (x) solution focused, aimed at win-win outcomes.

Community Wellness – Chrysalis Health advocates for and contributes to the overall well being of the citizens of the communities we serve. Chrysalis Health and our staff participate on various local, state and national workgroups and partner with many organizations that join us in our mission to work towards improved behavioral health and wellness for all.

At Chrysalis Health we believe everyone is our customer. From our clients, to our employees, to our contractors and community partners, we strive to ensure that their experience with any Chrysalis Health service or personnel is one that is helpful, thoughtful, kind and meets their needs. All of our employees receive extensive training in customer service, cultural and linguistic competency, and trauma informed care.